Lord Mount Stephen

The tale is told that around 1873, Lord Mount Stephen the first sportive fisherman in Causapscal, started up a true fishing domain. It is said that he bought up a number of land bordering the Matapedia rivers and Causapscal.  He was said to be of scotish origins and quite the lover of Atlantic Salmon fishing :as well as President of the Canadian Pacific Railway.  One day, as he was working on the railroad, in the Matapedia Valley area, he came across an enchanting site, seeing as it was rarely frequented and knowing a good thing when he saw it. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had stumbled on the ideal spot for fishing, the edge where the Matapedia and Causapscal rivers meet.

Lord Mount Stephan was known to have found other fishing sites in the region. These sites were later bequeathed to his niece Elsie Reford when he left Canada. Elsie was also had a passionate for salmon fishing, she was injured one season and developed a new passion, gardening. Today, the garden that she created became the Reford Gardens.

Le Matamajaw Salmon club

Lord Mount Stephen sold his former estate of Causapscal to the Restigouche Salmon Club around 1892. In1902, some businessmen met in New York in order to acquire assets of the Restigouche Salmon Club and to found the prestigeous Matamajaw Salmon Club Limited. Until it`s (Déclubage) Seizure of exclusive fishing rights from the private clubs in the 1970’s, this club geared towards the upper-crust entertained  many renowned dignitairies, businessmen, and personalities.  The rich history of their presence in the region is a treasure to be discovered.

Today, the Matamajaw is a heritage site that was rated in1984 by the Québec Ministry of Culture and Communications.  It is a recognised museum institution since 2002.

These exhibitions, in which you will unearth important testimony of the presence of private Atlantic Salmon Fishing Clubs, are from a very particular period of time in Québec.

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